Attend a Rotary meeting together with Rotarians from Denmark and Sweden

Since 1972, four Danish and seven Swedish Rotary clubs have invited Rotarians from countries all over the world to join them at Rotary meetings on the Sound, between Denmark and Sweden.

- 70000 have already attended

Welcome onboard

Every Friday from the end of April until the beginning of September, you can participate in the Rotary meeting on The Sound.

No registration and no cancellation necessary. From Elsinore you board the ferry Aurora at 11.43 am and from Helsingborg at 12.15 pm.

On the ferry, you have the choice between sandwiches and a buffet at 80 - 140 Dkr.

During the 90 minute meeting, there is also either a speech or a social gatering with Rotarians from Denmark and Sweden or from further afield.


- Welcome onboard.

A unique meeting place

The Towns of Elsinore and Helsingborg are separated by a 4000 metre narrow strait - only 20 minutes by ferry seperate these historic towns, with the fortifications of Kronborg on the Elsinore side and Kärnan on the Helsingborg side. These two fortifications were able to control the traffic through The Sound (Øresund) from 1429 to 1857.

Today,travellers between Denmark and Sweden can enjoy duty free shopping on the ferries between the two countries. And since 1972, there has been a unique form of cooperation within Rotary, on The Sound between these historic towns.

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